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Trade Show Toolbox TRADE SHOW TIPS 

Sample Trade Show Reporting

For exhibit organizers keeping track of your trade show success and reporting it to other team members can be difficult when dealing with so many logistics. We’ve put together sample reports that you can use to help you make sense of all your numbers and track your R.O.I.

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Measurement Made Easy! CD

This is what you need to prove and justify the value of your trade show program. The Measurement Made Easy! CD contains 20 planning templates that will help you make better decisions for your exhibitions.

It will help you to:

–         Plan your budgetMeasurement CD
–         Calculate your demonstrations’ cost
–         Compare estimated versus actual budget
–         Analyze results
–         Calculate your ROI
–         Compare results from one year to another
–         Create detailed reports

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Free Books

Skyline has just launched a new series of exhibition guides tailored to each type of exhibitors. These guides contain the best articles published on the Skyline blog and worksheets made by Marc Goldberg from Marketech Inc.


Better Booth Staffing For Greater Trade Show Results
This 56-page book contains 34 articles. Half are geared toward increasing skills and perspectives of individual booth staffers.  The other half are for the trade show managers and trainers who must prepare their booth staff.

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Using Promotions & Social Media to Get More Trade Show Visitors
This book contains 28 articles about trade show promotions, such as selecting promotions, creating an invitation list, pitfalls to avoid, details to watch for, and more. There are also articles about integrating social media with your trade show program.

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Trade Show Tips for The Island Exhibitors
This book goes deeper in areas such as booth staffing, exhibit design, measurement, lead management, and logistics. There are also articles written especially for the unique challenges faced by island exhibitors.

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Trade Show Tips for the Inline Exhibitor
This book, specially written for exhibitors using smaller inline exhibits, gives essential information about trade shows, including exhibit design, booth staffing, promotions, lead management and result measurement.

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Trade Show Tips for New Exhibitors
This book provides you with the tools you need to get started. Most of all, it provides you with a base level of expectations you can take to heart about the challenges and potential to succeed at trade shows.

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